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Azzopardi … SSHH !!!

Deborah Azzopardi has been producing a particular type of distinctive and playful art for over 25 years. She happens to be one of those artists blessed with a panegyric syncronicity, determined to enjoy life to the full and to express herself creatively in whatever she does. And then she paints it.

“It's very rare in life that people actually find what they really like. I'm from a creative, family background in terms of art and it was just something I wanted to do.”

Self taught and very independent, Azzopardi enjoys going it alone although she sometimes considers that what she plans to do may be considered a view from the art industry that may be frowned upon she knows that it isn’t a problem for a growing, world audience. “Sometimes it's admired - sometimes it's a little bit of both. I've always loved Pop Art. I've always loved the work of Toulouse-Lautrec and some of the great masters. There's a certain line that I like - one simple line can say many things in the way it moves.”

And so it is because Deborah paints what makes her smile that she sticks to that formula. If it's something that she likes, then she considers that maybe other people will like it too. And when it comes to painting for anyone, she has only ever really painted for herself. But while everyone's taste may be different, everybody we might be or ever will be is in every painting she paints. “I don't really look into it too deeply… Painting is just like when you're getting yourself dressed: you can see the end result before you've started. I like to go for it!” And although Azzopardi considers it one thing wanting to be an artist she feels it is completely another thing entirely in having the discipline to see the work completed, day in, day out.

“I work very long hours. I do all of the daylight hours and use them up but in the summer maybe cover fifteen hours a day. It's very hard, because you're standing all the time, and I very rarely sit down. Your legs do ache from it, but every job has something to benefit you. In the evening, I'm chasing up on all the things that I haven't been able to do in the day. I rarely watch television or anything like that. You can't. You become quite passionate about what you paint. At least I do. What drives me is myself... I'm like any writer or musician - you become consumed, but that's because you want to and you want to make it work.

I'm just happy that my art is admired… I consider that to be part of a successful journey. I don't consider success to be wealth. I think that you're successful if you're happy in life and if you can do what you like to do.

To me that's my success.

To read the complete text, buy Deborah's latest book: AZZOPARDI SSHH ... here

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