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We like to offer something a little different than the sort of art you might buy from a poster store. That's why we're not a poster store. We're a Fine Art Publisher with a distinct taste.

You may find our work different. Sometimes unusual.


But always UNIQUE.

What's the difference?

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Open Editions

An Open Edition print has no limit to the print run and can be produced in the hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands or more. It costs less than a Limited Edition print or book and can be found in more stores and online web sites than a Limited Edition version which may only be available directly from the company producing the Limited Edtion/s while available. 


An Open Edition print is a very affordable route to obtaining the art of a particular artist and can be well worth obtaining while it is available.


Open Edition prints can be printed on paper or on canvas or board and the quality of the substrate depends upon the manufacturer creating the print.


iologies quality processes ensure the best quality merchandise is delivered to customers for all types.


Limited Editions

With Fine Art Books, the number printed is determined by ISBN designation, content and design. With Fine Art Limited Edition Prints the print run is determined by several, qualifying elements.


A Limited Edition Print run of an image of 24 x 24 inches or centimetres in size may be printed on high quality paper or board. Where, say, the 7th print is sold as a 24 x 24 inches or centimetres size printed on high quality paper as a Limited Edition, somewhere on the print will be written the designation "7/100" meaning that it is the 7th copy of a total LIMITED to 100. There will be no more copies or editions of that type on that paper (substrate) or mounted in that way or at that time to increase value.


In the case of a Fine Art Print or a Fine Art Book, the edition may be signed by the artist but in most cases,

as with iologies Fine Art Prints, this will be sealed and authenticated by a Certificate that will also be signed by the artist and the founder of the company. 


A Certificate of Authenticity is often printed on a sheet of high quality paper and shows the print run, the size (in the case of fine art prints in particular) and the number of the total printed as well as information on the ink used and the materials and process of binding, casing and other details relevant to the book and the date that the print or book was created with a promise (this is where the publisher promises to the buyer that there will not be any copies of that size, content, type or release, thus increasing the value).


While much more expensive, archival  prints last much longer than a print created with non-archival quality materials such as water-based inks. Most of iologies works are of a very high quality and will last according to process.


A Limited Edition Print with a Certificate of Authenticity can be signed by the artist and in such cases, it costs much more than a Limited Edition print that is not signed but comes with a Certificate and an Open Edition print will cost significantly less than the original.


All of the elements used in determining the type of run often depend on the level of contact the items have made with the artist and can increase the level of value of them whether signed or not according to the run values.

What's the difference between a Limited Edition and and Open Edition?


A Limited Edition is a printed or produced edition of an art work where a number of printed copies specific to the number LIMITED to the work are made.


An Open Edition is where a work is printed without limit. Open Editions are mostly available for a long time but some are within run limits being those as set by a license or by the author of the works. If you see the words 'few left' or similar, this means that the run is due to end and/or another new work is replacing it so even with an open edition you should buy while you can.

The work of Deborah Azzopardi has a particular cache that is appreciating fast and, with the upper tier of the book available with two limited edition prints and signed, its not difficult to understand why such a book makes a valuable investment..

Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art refers to artistic practices rooted in the present, which reject the idea of a fixed and stable artistic canon in favor of ongoing and dynamic exploration of the world around us.


Contemporary Art builds upon the modernist legacy, challenging traditional forms and materials to create new forms of artistic expression.


Contemporary Art  also encompasses various forms such as painting, sculpture, installation, performance photography and new media.

One of the defining characteristics of contemporary art is its engagement with social and political issues. Many contemporary artists use their work as a means of commenting on issues such as globalization, consumerism, environmental degradation, and social inequality. This has led to the emergence of very different artistic movements such as social practice, activist art and participatory art such as the installations in the Tate Modern.

Contemporary Art is also characterised by its rejection of fixed meanings and interpretations. Unlike traditional art forms, contemporary art is often open to multiple interpretations and can be understood in various ways.


Overall, Contemporary Art reflects the postmodern rejection of grand narratives and the idea that meaning is contingent upon context and interpretation. Overall, it is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon, constantly evolving with the world around us and at the behest of the artist engaging it.

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Click on one of any of the social media sites listed below and share.


Tell us what you think of the art we love to love.


Stay informed. Join us.


Keep in touch and win.

Prizes. Books. Prints.

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