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What's in a name?

Originally, I had liked the idea of 'icon' as a name but it was all but lost in the brand jungle of the global village. Following a Google search, it was clear that 'icon' could not be pin-pointed in terms of being a possessive brand for a single company involved in fine art. There were builders, architects and IT consultants (as well as many other limited companies as well as one or two PLC's and corporate giants) using some form of brand called 'Icon.' No joy there. As a result of icon's fragmented locations, choosing it as a name brand was not a good idea. What would be required was a little originality.

Originality not only sets you out from the crowd and gets you noticed; it says more about your company in terms of originality. Who you are and what you do are developed over time. As a company, we wanted to offer fine art and photography that covered many of the areas that would inspire and interest people. Like subjects do. Remember the 'ologies at school? Biology. Theology. Geology and so on ... Essential subjects to gain for any career in life. I liked the idea that 'iology' resembled a unique idea and so 'idea-ology' came out of the 'i' in idea being one of the children of originality.

By adding the letter ' i ' at the beginning of 'ology', we had instantly realised an idea in a name and with it, a personal and unique icon in itself. The children from the brand would represent a personalisation of subjects to interest everyone. And all with a personal 'me' statement about them and, like 'google' and 'bing' and other non-onomatopoeic names like them, we had found an original name that nobody else had.

And, quoting 10cc (one of our early customers), art may not always be 'for art's sake.'

Speak your Mind by Haydn. See Originals and Fine Art prints.

Art lifts the soul. It inspires the spirit and it helps to capture areas of our lives to enhance these areas with colour. A simple picture can change an entire nation's direction and a mood or emotion captured for ever by a photograph can be remembered and appreciated by everyone over time, forever.

I have loved and collected art for decades. I have many different and varied originals in my collections and I love all of them and could not bear to part with any of them. Some have memories beause I worked on them or created them myself. Some were given to me. And some were found in the back of old shops or skips. We are all kleptomaniacs of one form or another. We love to collect things. Possession offers everyone the ability to express their desire to be wanted. The simple act of placing something that a person relates to, on a wall or shelf, reflects a part of themselves that they related to at that time. Moods and emotions change. Views. Opinions. Sometimes swayed by others. And sometime a picture is discarded or sold. But an image doesn't change. The person does. A person's experience of life changes. And in turn, it changes them.

And while we may not have a 'Dorian Grey' in our collection, the spirit of such a whim is there in everything we frame. We would love to live in some of our pieces. To be immortalised by them. With them. The art of Mayfield Parrish is like that.

Many people either choose a wall or an area of their home as their gallery. Their own personal space to build their own, inspired place of contemplation. An admiration. A work of reflection. In a hallway. A spare room. A kitchen wall. A bathroom. Imagine what your gallery could look like in years to come as you begin to add to the works that you choose to inspire you or others. Works that uplift and motivate you as well as those around you. You, a curator of your own ideals; sharing them with others as they visit your gallery. And the art you collect instantly becomes a conversation piece. A statement on what you believe in. What you love. What you live for. What inspired you. Why you bought it ... and so on.

And in some cases art is simply a thing that you collect because you love to.

We would like to help you to build a collection that is not only unique and original but also help you to make it worthwhile, with the added bonus of it increasing its value as an investment. Our mission is to travel the world and make available works of art that deliver all of these ideals and more. New works. Different works. Original works. Works that appreciate.

Art is an investment, any way you look at it. Whether you buy an Azzopardi book or a Lichtenstein, a Haydn, or a Matisse. Whether your penchant is photography by Lichfield, Pariser or Swannel or Riding, you will want an image to appreciate, as well as you might desire that you, and others you share it with, might appreciate it in turn.

And while they say that one picture is worth a thousand words, I think it represents a lifetime of them.

For you and your children for years to come.

We hope you enjoy our art. We love making it for you. For ever.


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