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In addition to her magazine work, McMein was a talented portrait artist. She painted portraits of many prominent individuals, including celebrities, politicians, and socialites. Her portraits captured the personalities and characteristics of her subjects and were highly sought after.

McMEIN was a highly successful illustrator, particularly known for her magazine cover art and interior illustrations. She worked for several well-known publications of her time, including Vanity Fair, Saturday Evening Post, and McCall's. Her illustrations often featured glamorous and fashionable women, reflecting the style and culture of the era.



Neysa McMein was a pioneering woman in a field that was often dominated by male illustrators. Her success and influence in the world of illustration served as an inspiration for other women in the arts. During World War I, McMein contributed to the war effort by creating patriotic posters. One of her most famous works from this period is the "Navy - Our Nation's Choice" poster, which encouraged enlistment in the Navy.



Med-High. IVR. (Increase in Value). Assured rate increase per annum : 5% Cat No: PRI-P1_068

Windy Day

  • Ai reimaged art piece then reformatted for high resolution onto an electronic canvas. Original scale equal to at least 1m (unframed) with approx 12-25mm border.

    Prints: 170-200 gsm. Uncoated Art Paper / Silk. See Limited Editions.

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