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“In September, the carob trees breathe a scent of love over all Algiers, and it is as if the whole earth were resting after having given itself to the sun, its belly still moist with almond-flavoured seed.” Albert Camus – Notebooks 1935-42.

Prints are printed on 170+ gsm. Uncoated HQ Eco Paper with a quality surface.
Fine Art Limited Edition Prints printed on Hahnemühle 200+ gsm (or better).

HAYDN is a fascinating and prolific abstract artist, with more than 150 works to his name and a notable former career as a classical concert pianist. A multi-faceted creator he is also interested in photography and writing, cooking and growing his own food. Worldwide collectors of Haydn's work recognise the passion that erupts through every mark that he commits to canvas.


Haydn's dynamic and energetic works demonstrate a searching and fertile imagination. His love of nature and an all-encompassing celebration of life are conveyed abundantly in his work, frequently balanced by a deep, even dark introspection. His name: HAYDN, originates from ancestral reverence for the great 18th-century composer Franz Joseph Haydn.



The Haydn Collection is among our most favourite of artists. His work is unique and stimulating, fresh and different. However, prices will not stay at the rate shown for long because of his growing popularity. Hence it would be wise to invest at these prices while you can.



High. IVR. (Increase in Value). Assured rate increase per annum : 10-12% Cat No: ABS-P1-028

The Carob Tree in Algiers

  • Acrylic on Canvas.
    92 x 122 cm unframed.

    Prints: 170-200 gsm. Uncoated, Digital Paper.
    Limited Edition : 200 gsm Fine Art Paper.

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