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"Camp Romains" is a well-known French advertising poster for wine, and it was created in the Art Deco style by the French artist C. Cassandre.

A.M. CASSANDRE (whose real name was Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron), was a prominent French poster artist and graphic designer known for his iconic Art Deco and Cubist-influenced posters in the early to mid-20th century. "Camp Romains" is one of his notable works, and it's recognized for its striking design and bold, geometric shapes. The poster was created to promote a French wine brand.



A.M. Cassandre is remembered as a visionary graphic designer and poster artist who played a crucial role in shaping the visual language of the 20th century. His contributions to the field of design continue to inspire and influence designers to this day.



Med-High. IVR. (Increase in Value). Assured rate increase per annum : 5% Cat No: PRI-P1_024

Camp Romains

  • Ai reimaged art piece then reformatted for high resolution onto an electronic canvas. Original scale equal to at least 1m (unframed) with approx 12-25mm border.

    Prints: 170-200 gsm. Uncoated Art Paper / Silk. See Limited Editions.

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